the one reason to blog

In my last post I was (fairly, I hope) damning about blogs. So why write one?

I’m hoping this blog will in large part be an exercise in ‘theology’. Notice the small ‘t’: I don’t mean the sort of Theology that gets taught in universities or written up in books by professors with big beards (sorry to any Theology professors). I haven’t studied enough of that type of Theology to be able to say anything of use to anyone (see the previous post). But as a Christian I want my whole life – including my internal, intellectual and spiritual life – to be ordered around Christ. I’m not really very close to that goal at all, but I do want to at least be heading in the right direction. And in a world which thinks following Jesus is irrational, weird, unfashionable, restrictive or outdated that means being intentional about it.

And so…theology. From theos (God) and logos (word) – words about God. Trying to make sense of life by starting from the Ultimate starting point: God Himself. Well, that’s fine, you might think, but why doesn’t she just get on with her little spiritual exercise by herself? It’s a fair point, and may ultimately prove to have been the wise thing to do. We’ll see. But I have a suspicion that it’s impossible to do real theology by yourself.

The thing about theology is it’s defined by its subject. And the God of the Bible, the God who revealed Himself in Jesus Christ, is a Trinity.’ Trinity’ comes from tri (three) and unity (one) – God is three Persons: Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit, and yet is still one God. Which is not something that’s easy to really understand, and definitely not a mystery that I could do justice to, especially not on a blog. If you want to start looking into it, Mike Reeves’ sermons on the Trinity vs. ‘the Omni-Being’ might be a good place to start. Ultimately, though, it means that the God who created the Universe is a community. Before ever humans existed to ‘keep God company’, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit were having a whale of a time hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. They still are to this day, though they’ve made a way for us to be included in their community and have invited us in (but that’s a whole other post – or ten).

So the Reality at the heart of the Universe is a community, it’s relational – so how can we hope to get anywhere in understanding it unless the very attempt to understand it is relational too? My hunch is that we can’t, that the only way to rightly talk about God is in dialogue with Him and with other human beings. Which is where blogging comes in.

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