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Thoughts on Hagar and the angel of the LORD

I’ve been thinking recently about the identity of the ‘angel of the LORD’/’the Commander of the LORD’s armies’ who turns up quite a lot in the OT. There are times when he seems to be identified so closely with God … Continue reading

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Psalm 1 sermon

A 5-minute sermon on Psalm 1 that I wrote for a preaching workshop. I have to acknowledge massive debts to Paul Blackham and Glen Scrivener for much of the material. Psalm 1 1Blessed is the man[a]    who walks not in the counsel … Continue reading

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The appeal of being a housewife

I’ve always pictured myself working in later life. Not that I have ambitions of being some sort of high-power career woman with a live-in nanny and a 100-hour working week, I just figured that if I got married and had … Continue reading

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Best birthday card quote ever

Recently got a card with this on the front: “And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to bloom.” – Anais Nin I’ve been thinking a lot … Continue reading

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Trying to love without getting hurt

I like to think that I’m not too bad at the whole ‘love your neighbour as yourself’ thing. I let people go ahead of me in queues, I try to tell the truth, I stand up for old people on … Continue reading

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