Honest to God II

On yesterday’s theme:

I recently stumbled across this quote on marriage (from Mike Mason’s The Mystery of Marriage, but quoted elsewhere. I’m not cool enough – or married enough – to have read Mike Mason’s book):

marriage is a relationship far more engrossing than we want it to be. It always turns out to be more than we bargained for. It is disturbingly intense, disruptively involving, and that is exactly the way it was designed to be. It is supposed to be more, almost, than we can handle. It was meant to be a lifelong encounter that would be much more rigorous and demanding than anything human beings ever could have chosen, dreamed of, desired, or invented on their own.

How striking, then, that God chooses to use marriage as a metaphor for His relationship with us, His people. In fact, as Paul says in Eph 5, God doesn’t just cast about for a suitable image for His relationship with us and stumble on marriage and think ‘that’ll do’. No, awesomely Paul tells us that God gave us marriage to be the ultimate picture of Jesus relationship with the church.

So what picture of our relationship does it give us, then? One of intimacy that goes beyond the bounds of social niceties, beyond where we feel safe. A relationship “disturbingly intense, disruptively involving” that pushes past our comfort zones and demands openness in even our darkest moments. A relationship where we are loved, and where we learn to love, in spite of and through the sharing of our deepest brokenesses, our darkest parts – not by keeping them hidden.

The Triune God really does want all of us.

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