That He should pity us…

As then we lay under the eye of Christ in our misery, we were the objects of His pity and compassion; but as He looks on us as recoverable out of that state, His love works in and by delight. It was an inconceivable delight to Him, to take a prospect of the deliverance of mankind to the glory of God…. now this [way of our recovery] was a way of great difficulties and perplexities to Himself, that is, to His person as it was to be constituted. To the divine nature nothing is grievous, nothing is difficult; but He was to have another nature, in which He was to undergo the difficulties of this way and work. It was required of Him that He should pity us until He had none left to pity Himself when He stood in need of it, that He should pursue His delight to save us until His own soul was heavy and sorrowful to death, that He should relieve us in our sufferings by suffering the same things that we should have done. But He was not in the least deterred by this from undertaking this work of love and mercy for us; yea, His love rose on this proposal like the waters of a mighty stream against opposition…

– taken from John Owen’s The Glory of Christ

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