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The Unbearable Heaviness of Ministry (with apologies to Milan Kundera)

I’ve just started a year working for my church as an apprentice with our student team. After 10 days of ‘full-time ministry’ (terrible phrase, but I can’t call it the marginally better ‘paid Christian work’, because I’m not being paid!) I … Continue reading

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self-esteem vs. Self-esteem

Last day of my first Psychiatry attachment today… sitting in a group therapy session on self-esteem, the therapist said this: “You shouldn’t invest too much of yourself in other people because you can’t guarantee that they’ll always be there for … Continue reading

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We have a missionary God!

We had a prayer meeting at church last night for students thinking about world mission. Listening to some of the students talk about their heart for the lost and seeing their passion to see God save people was so encouraging. … Continue reading

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The scum of the earth

You’re visiting a church for the first time. You’ve arrived only a couple of minutes before the service is due to start, so you slide into a seat near the back (you don’t want to be too obtrusive – we … Continue reading

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Spurgeon on the need for affective preaching

OK, so I know I said no posting ’til after the exams, but it’s a Saturday…and it’s Spurgeon. One can never be too busy for Spurgeon… “To win a soul, it is necessary, not only to instruct our hearer, and … Continue reading

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“to be always searching into the treasures of love…”

Epic quote from Jeremiah Burroughs I’ve stolen from Dave Bish. I might become an unofficial (and unworthy-of-the-title) Puritan. “Oh, if you would draw any to you, let it be by love. You that are ministers, and especially appointed to the work of … Continue reading

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